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The objects and purposes of the Honor Legion are to inspire in all individuals associated or connected with law enforcement, self-respect, courage, loyalty and devotion to duty; to create a deep feeling of comradeship among all connected with the various police departments without recognition as to rank; to lend aid to all widows and dependents of any police officer, regardless of rank, who shall be killed or incapacitated in the pursuit of his duties; to create appropriate programs for the benefit of all persons associated with law enforcement.

Any member of the police departments and police agencies of the State of New Jersey who has received departmental recognition, medal of honor, honorable mention, or other commendation for deeds of valor performed at imminent risk of life, or who has been commended for meritorious acts at personal risk, shall be eligible to active membership in this association, subject to restrictions and limitations provided for in the constitution and by-laws of this association.

Our creed is explicit on requirements for membership. Applications are passed upon by a membership board of directors, and if approved, said applicant is entitled to membership.