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Outstanding Police Officer of the Year

The “Outstanding Police Officer of the Year” award was established to recognize officers who have been involved in an incident that demonstrated an act of gallantry and valor at imminent hazard to life with knowledge of the risk that was above and beyond the call of duty.

Consideration of an Officer or Officers for this award shall be based upon the level of participation as being key and instrumental to the successful resolution of the incident.

If anyone wishes to nominate an officer or officers who performed an outstanding and heroic act above and beyond the call of duty, please contact Chairman Jim McGuire at (201) 975-4323 as soon as possible (PLEASE LEAVE YOUR HOME NUMBER).

You may also E-mail him at [email protected]. (PLEASE LEAVE YOUR HOME NUMBER) in the e-mail.

Only incidents that occurred the prior calendar year will be considered. (For example, incidents that occurred between January 1, 2004 and December 31, 2004, will be considered March 1, 2005. Incidents that occurred in 2005 will be considered March 1, 2006)

Officer(s) who are recipients of this award and not a member of the NJHL will also be given a complimentary membership for that year in recognition of their achievement.

Award Recipients
  • 2004

    South River Police Department / Washington Township Police

    New Jersey State Police

    • Richard J. Wambold (Left)
    • Sgt. Mark S. Moyna (Center)

    Washington Township Police

    • Sgt. Jonathan E. Schramm (Right)
  • 2003

    Bergen County Police Department

    Ptl. James Sheehan

  • 2002

    Hudson County Sheriff’s Office

    Det. Oliver King Jr.

  • 2001

    South River Police Department

    Det. Eric Gartner

  • 2000

    Jersey City Police Department

    Lieut. Robert O’ Callahan
    Ptl. Jay White
    Ptl. Mark Inzinna

  • 1999

    Dover Police Department

    Ptl. Richard Ross

  • 1998

    Jersey City Police Department

    Sgt. Heriberto Carattini