2017 Card ImageWelcome to the Home Page of “The Honor Legion of the Police Departments of the State of New Jersey” (NJHL). The NJHL was incorporated on December 27th, 1966 and is recognized as a nonprofit charitable organization that is exempt from federal and state income tax under section 501(c)(3). The Officers and Trustees of the NJHL do not receive a salary or any tangible benefit for serving the Organization.

We are approximately 6,000 active and retired law enforcement officers of every Federal, State, County, and Local agency throughout the State of New Jersey. We are a nonpolitical organization that develops and encourages fraternal, charitable, social, and educational activities, as well as supporting societal programs. We are also involved in sponsoring programs toward children with disabilities.

We provide support and assistance monetarily, morally, or in any other way possible, to a New Jersey Law Enforcement Officer’s family when he/she is killed in the line of duty. Should the event have qualified that Officer for membership, that Officer is then posthumously inducted as a member of the organization. Our Widows and Orphans fund also provides for a contribution to the fallen officer’s estate. With some limitations, surviving member families are also afforded death assistance contribution. We also offer College Scholarships to member’s children that are awarded on a competitive basis, as well as an annual Police Officer of the Year award program.

Any person who is a bona-fide active and paid member, or honorably retired from of any regular Law Enforcement Agency, who has risked his/her life to save a human life, or whose life has been in imminent risk of danger from an armed adversary, shall be eligible to apply for active membership in the Association.

Please feel free to explore our site, post a message in our one of our messaging forums, or e-mail me directly with any comments or questions. I urge you to join the “Finest of the Finest” should you meet our membership requirements.

Michael Manzo